15K Trail Run with a Cold

Today’s 15k trail run marked a personal distance record for me, and I’m happy to say I completed it with some good resistance. Lance Stine jogged the first 6k with me and then it was just me and the trail. I felt great and made it up every single hill, which is another new accomplishment, (457m or 1500ft of elevation gain).

At my turn around point I felt like I could keep going another 10 miles but as I began running south a ferocious headwind howled straight into my face and chest. And it blew the whole way back, minor relief as I went in a canyon but as I would creep up a steep hill the wind would almost push me back down. I kept pushing despite Eddy Vedder yelling, “this is not for you” and was pleased to finish my first 15k under 1:28. And all of that with a cold to boot.


12K PR Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Great Saturday morning trail run with Adam. I was concerned I would not make it too far at all as me knee was really bugging my the last couple of days. I think it was in pain following the stream jumps from last Thursday’s run with the boys. Luckily the knee held up and as I reached the 10k mark I knew I was going to blow away my last best time. Not only my best 10k time but my best 11k and 12k time too.

I’m feeling good and slowly getting more confident and ready for the Amasa Back 15k Trail Run, April 9th in Moab.

Check out the times below.

Distance Time 10k 0:53:00 11k 0:58:00 12k 1:01:35 I also averaged 11.77k an hour and had 327m of elevation gain.