Up-n-Over 2011 10k Trail Run Report

Another fun 10k race up in North Ogden this morning. The Up-n-over 10k Halloween race was my first race I did exactly one year ago. What a first race it was. This year I ran with my bro-in-law Dave and my father in-law Gaylan. The up-n-over is a fun small race, well enough supported and some good chili at the end.

The route goes 1500ft up the North Ogden canyon and then back down the other side, finally finishing at the Wolf mountain ski resort. Last year I got a time of 1:00:27 and was well pleased.

My goal this year was to get 0:55:00 or under. Pre race I jogged for about fifteen minutes and downed a 5 hour energy knock-off. I put a powerbar gel in my pocket and went to the starting line. I felt good as a ran, I had told myself that I would do no more then 5 minutes of walking up the steep hills and I think I kept myself to it.

The uphill climb felt shorter then what I had remembered. Once I got to the top I let gravity take full control as I flew downhill, trying to keep my feet under me. At that point I was really enjoying the run and managed to catch a couple of people.

The last part of the run is actually on a road and gives you one last good long sustained climb up the the finish. I was happy to finish at 56:26, shaving four minutes off of last years time. It is always fun to have some friends or family at a race and some support, I even got my daughter to run the last 30ft with me to cross the finish line together. Good times.