Khatoola 25K Snowshoe Slosher 2015

I knew this was gonna be no good snow. We had not had much snow this Winter and I was a bit reluctant to run this race this year, but since my buddy Adam was in for it and I was looking forward to doing better this year I mustered up will and went for it.

I started up front and after John said “go!” I took off. One dude ran in front of me and kicked up wet snow in my face, so I passed him. And ran on. It was quickly apparent that indeed the snow was soft, wet and mushy. The first lap was not too terrible but as the day warmed up and more tracks went across it got worse. Think running in sand. Double your effort, double your fun. Somewhere up on the first 10k loop I passed a couple of girls doing the 50k (craziness). They saw me and thought I was a 50k lapping them. I informed them that I was the first of the 25ks and then they disliked me less.

The Course and some splits.

The Course and some splits.

Running down was actually rather fun as it took a sort of sliding technique. I tried to land on the ends of my snowshoes and slide a bit into a full foot landing. On the way up the 5k loop I passed a couple marathoners and felt really good, knowing that I was close to hitting my peak goals, despite the rough conditions. As I began to descend the 5k loop I felt some tightness and cramping in my calves from the hike up but it subsided as I got back down. I again enjoyed the fast and sloppy downhill and almost tripped twice but luckily I stayed up.

2015 25k WInner Acceptin Trophy form RD John Bozung

2015 25k WInner Acceptin Trophy form RD John Bozung

Final 10k lap and I had no idea how far ahead of the 2nd place I was but felt good, ate some salty potatoes, swigged a bit of Red Bull and kept pushing along. This last uphill loop always puts the dagger in my heart, but I was determined to keep running this time. And thus I did. A few of the more steep sections I power hiked through but as I reached the peak and started down I felt a surge of the victory, how sweet it was. Last year I came in 2nd place (2:59) after a leap-frogging battle during the first 18k. But in the end I ran out of steam. Three years ago it was all about actually finishing. So when I won this years race coming in at 2:57, somewhere around 10-15 minutes ahead of 2nd place, I felt the pride of a race well run. And a personal best accomplished, plus I got some good swag!

Good times were had by all, Adam came in 4th – nice job brotha’! After the race I chatted with DJ who took 2nd. He is training for a 200 miler! Dangnation! I ate some good ‘ol Tomato Bisque and crackers provided and enjoyed the cozy fire as I waited for Adam. We’ll see what next year brings (if any snow at all).


Gib Wallace 10K Trail Race Report

Some sweet action photos Emily took from the 10k Gib Wallace Trail Run (part of the N.U.T.S. Series) I did this morning. It was excellent weather, (a bit on the warm side) super-excellent marked, some dang good elevation (1100ft), great atmosphere and support plus I picked up some sweet schwag. 

And I was pleased with my time 0:50:45 (or there abouts) and placed 5th – woot!


New Years Eve 15Mile Run with Adam

Great New Years Eve 15 Mile Trail Run with Adam, Dale and Anthony. From the zoo to the top of NSL on the BST. Well I crawled my way to 15 miles, 2597 ft gain / 2399 ft loss. The others bravely conquered 9+ miles. Seriously I was dying that last mile and a half, muscle cramps and I ran out of water around mile 13. But it was still an epic day and an epic run. At least I know I can run the 25k snowshoe race next month.

15K Trail Run with a Cold

Today’s 15k trail run marked a personal distance record for me, and I’m happy to say I completed it with some good resistance. Lance Stine jogged the first 6k with me and then it was just me and the trail. I felt great and made it up every single hill, which is another new accomplishment, (457m or 1500ft of elevation gain).

At my turn around point I felt like I could keep going another 10 miles but as I began running south a ferocious headwind howled straight into my face and chest. And it blew the whole way back, minor relief as I went in a canyon but as I would creep up a steep hill the wind would almost push me back down. I kept pushing despite Eddy Vedder yelling, “this is not for you” and was pleased to finish my first 15k under 1:28. And all of that with a cold to boot.

Up-n-Over 2010 10k Trail Run Report

up-n-over 10k trail raceI competed in my first trail run race last Saturday in North Ogden Canyon. The race is called the Up-N-Over, put together by T.U.N.A. and it is essentially that, a run up and over the mountain. 1500ft elevation gain, with a 5k option and a 10k. I hoped to complete it in 1:10 as I had previously ran 10k’s in 1:05 with half the elevation. I and my bro-in-law Dave competed in the 10k.

Pre race and during I drank water with elete electrolyte, I also tried a gel which tasted horrible to me so I only ate half of it. For me it began around 9ish when I registered and warmed up with the kids who came out to support me. At the start line I was fiddling with a watch I borrowed from my buddy Tyler. I had thought I would run intervals up the hill, 1 minute run – 30 second rest. I did not stick to it all that well though. The race started at 10 and we were off. Some had dressed up in costume and I had a Wylie coyote always within my view that I was aiming to pass.
The climb was a rough one, lots of walking or quick hiking was seen by many. For a while I was pretty steady and passed a few individuals but the last 300ft or so got me good and I had 2-3 people pass me. I was thrilled to get to the top and start back down the other side.
It was the funnest part cruising down hill. I tried not to go too fast as my shoes (Newtons) are really more of a road shoe and there was some slick mud up there. But I felt good and around mile 4 passed the coyote! The last mile or so was on pavement and ended with a hill that caused more walking then I would have liked. But I crossed the finish line upright with a smile on my face and with a time that pleased me much, 1:00:27.
A very enjoyable experience for my first run and I am even more excited to do future runs. The weather was great, it was nice as the group was fairly small but still organized well enough, they had chili and some raffle prizes at the end. My next race is actually a snowshoe 10k the last weekend in January. That ought to be fun.