100 Days of Drawing Runners

100 Days of Drawing

August 7th I set a goal of spending at least 20 minutes a day, (often it was closer to 30 minutes) drawing a picture of a runner. November 13th I drew #100. Above is a collection of a few. It was a fun exercise and it is easy to see how the approximately 41 hours spent have improved my drawing ability. For the majority of the drawings I used my Cintiq Wacom, super fun. Although I have to say the tactile feel and great level of control from paper is easier and more accurate, just not instantly digital. Of course the Wacom is great for erasing, scaling, moving, copying, coloring and on and on.

My new goal is to spend the same amount of time but focus more on creating a more definitive style. Although I am going to give myself one weekday off, like Sunday. Hopefully I will have something good to show.