Up-n-Over 2010 10k Trail Run Report

up-n-over 10k trail raceI competed in my first trail run race last Saturday in North Ogden Canyon. The race is called the Up-N-Over, put together by T.U.N.A. and it is essentially that, a run up and over the mountain. 1500ft elevation gain, with a 5k option and a 10k. I hoped to complete it in 1:10 as I had previously ran 10k’s in 1:05 with half the elevation. I and my bro-in-law Dave competed in the 10k.

Pre race and during I drank water with elete electrolyte, I also tried a gel which tasted horrible to me so I only ate half of it. For me it began around 9ish when I registered and warmed up with the kids who came out to support me. At the start line I was fiddling with a watch I borrowed from my buddy Tyler. I had thought I would run intervals up the hill, 1 minute run – 30 second rest. I did not stick to it all that well though. The race started at 10 and we were off. Some had dressed up in costume and I had a Wylie coyote always within my view that I was aiming to pass.
The climb was a rough one, lots of walking or quick hiking was seen by many. For a while I was pretty steady and passed a few individuals but the last 300ft or so got me good and I had 2-3 people pass me. I was thrilled to get to the top and start back down the other side.
It was the funnest part cruising down hill. I tried not to go too fast as my shoes (Newtons) are really more of a road shoe and there was some slick mud up there. But I felt good and around mile 4 passed the coyote! The last mile or so was on pavement and ended with a hill that caused more walking then I would have liked. But I crossed the finish line upright with a smile on my face and with a time that pleased me much, 1:00:27.
A very enjoyable experience for my first run and I am even more excited to do future runs. The weather was great, it was nice as the group was fairly small but still organized well enough, they had chili and some raffle prizes at the end. My next race is actually a snowshoe 10k the last weekend in January. That ought to be fun.