I Went for the 25K Distance this Year

For my third year at this event I opted to run the 25k distance. Previous two years I ran the 10k. Here is last years photos report. This year I was accompanied by my friend Adam who ran the 10k. As you can see in my last year pictures I wore shorts and had forgotten gloves, so I was rather cold and under prepared. This year I was going to be better prepared. I began by picking up a Airhole face mask, which was light enough that it worked well for running. Although I found I was warm enough with out it about 4k into the race. Next I acquired some super-light, nice race snowshoes from Northern Lites. These shoes were awesome and delivered to me expectations. I noticed a few other competitors rocking the Northern Lites, in fact at one point there were three of us in a row, all in the top five positions wearing them, go team!

My big mistakes were, one, not wearing waterproof shoes and /or gaiters. I knew this would be an issue and I thought I had prepared well, by brining two pairs of running shoes and three pairs of socks. But alas my feet were wet about 75% of the race. It was good to have gloves however and pants to keep my legs warm. The only other thing I would have done different is to get more calories at the aid stations, I think I kept my self just under the level I needed to be at to keep going strong.

As for the race itself, the course consist of a 10k loop and a brutal 5k loop, so for the 25k I did one 10, one 5 and a final 10. I likely pushed to hard on the first 10k as I was around a top five finisher of that. Then the 5k was a punishing climb (I forget the elevation). I enjoyed the chance to chat with a fellow competitor up the climb.

I have to give mad props to the marathon and 50k runners, I felt so out of shape I could not have gone another 10ft further then the 25k distance. A couple of dudes doing the 50k helped me pull through my last 10, so thanks to them. I look forward to next year where I plan to compete much better.


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